A smarter, dynamic, and accurate way to manage warehouses

Smart Warehouse is a solution that introduces IoT in warehouse management, bringing the ability to locate and communicate with the inventory products in a precise manner. The way companies manage and distribute orders is going to turnaround with the solution that records product information and shares it with the users to help them streamline the entire inventory process.


Why Smart Warehouse

  • To remove redundant processes while maximizing resource utilization.
  • Automated systems offer real-time, accurate information about stock levels and composition.
  • Warehouse managers can monitor and track changes in the business environment and adopt responsive solutions.

Pain areas

  • Redundant processes
  • Poor facility layout 
  • Inaccurate inventory
  • High labor costs



  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering equipment and machine tools
  • Food and beverages
  • Chemical
  • Pharma


  • Stock level
  • Space utilization
  • Environmental conditions
  • Shelf life of perishables


Inventory tracking

  • Use RFID tags to prevent overstocking or understocking
  • Track assets within the warehouse using slot locations 
  • Real-time visibility into inventory levels

Manage storage conditions

  • Manage the shelf life of perishables
  • Use sensors to know the storage conditions
  • Maintain suitable storage conditions using collected data

Insightful reports

  • Reports for warehouse space utilization
  • Energy consumption reports
  • Inventory level reports for assets

Real-time alerts

  • Alerts in case of item misplaced
  • Alerts generated for environmental conditions
  • Know the number of items tracked at indoor and outdoor gateways

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