Create a smarter workplace

Meetings are an integral part of business, but what isn’t necessary is the amount of time wasted in arranging them.

The Smart Office solution is powered by beacon and sensor technology makes it really simple, fast, and convenient to find and book a meeting room by simply entering the room with a smartphone.




  • Support for Nested Tenants
    • E.g. Tenants > Customers > Region > Buildings > Floors > Areas > Workstations/Desk Chair
  • Role based access controls
    • Provide access for spaces, equipment to any particular user role and for specific time period
  • Create work orders dynamically in Dynamics 365 and prioritize work for Facility Managers
  • View occupancy and usage level in real-time for any particular space
  • Get the current state of any room from below:
    • Reserved
    • Available
    • Reserved but not occupied
  • In case of reserved space, consider it free if no one occupies space within the 10 minutes 
  • Get the information on who is regularly booking the spaces and not showing up
  • Optimally use the energy based on the forecasted value
  • Get the information related to properties associated with space
  • Search for the rooms/spaces that satisfy your need
  • Get the notification if conference rooms are getting used overtime

Feature examples

Smart Office Mobile App

Meeting room mount-in tablet view

  • Sensor data based floor occupancy visuals
  • Check room status
  • Color coded availability visuals
  • Shows capacity & amenities
  • Real-time updates on screen of Rooms availability
  • Find another room
  • Availability status of room
  • Search features with time filters
  • Real-time running meeting updates with time

Apple TV app – Current floor map view

  • Current room availability
  • Bird-eye view of room availability
  • Check meeting status
  • Meeting agenda
  • Room availability visuals
  • Outside & premises temperature

Room usage details

  • Availability details
  • Temperature
  • Amenities details
  • Sitting capacity
  • No. of bookings per room / cabin
  • Availability and usage
  • Experience based ranking

Floor map – Bird-eye view

  • Sensor data based floor occupancy visuals
  • Check room status
  • Color coded availability visuals
  • Shows capacity & amenities

Apple TV app – Calendar view

  • Room usage status
  • Identify recurring and one-off meetings
  • Check attendees status via calendar

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