The most optimized way to monitor a generator

  • Monitors fuel fillings and drains
  • Maintains temperature profile of the generator
  • Sustains the generator efficiency as close to OEE
  • Manage generators from anywhere, anytime
  • Remote diagnostics and relevant talent allocation


Why Smart Generator Monitoring

  • We offer a comprehensive set of parameters to make sure that the generator is in good working condition
  • Automatic generation of ticket with a detailed error note
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Fuel theft control
  • Alerts and alarms based on the requirement of a user

Pain areas

  • Improving generator performance
  • Remote monitoring 
  • Lack of complete capacity utilization
  • Generator maintenance
  • Monitoring key parameters, measuring power output, and preventing fuel pilferage



  • Better ROI
  • Fuel wastage
  • Fuel theft control
  • Energy consumption
  • Compartment temperature
  • Coolant temperature
  • Engine oil pressure
  • Battery conditions
  • Engine RPM


Monitors a huge range of parameters

  • Electrical – voltage, current, frequency of generator and mains power​
  • Mechanical – engine data including speed, oil pressure, temperature, and over crank​
  • Remote control – test running, fuel levels, alarms and alerts​
  • Site specific requirements – intruder alarms, fire alarm, etc.

How to save on fuel

  • Know fuel top-ups / filled, and consumption rates monthly, daily, to an hourly level​
  • Track fuel removed​
  • Monitor engine run hours​
  • Plan an effective maintenance schedule

How to save on energy

  • Calculate energy generated vs. fuel consumed
  • Kilo watts generated per liter
  • Know energy consumption rates monthly, daily, to an hourly level by generator
  • Monitor engine run hours
  • Plan an effective maintenance schedule

How to increase generator efficiency

  • Identify all fault codes​
  • Maintain engine health in a good condition​
  • Track coolant / oil temperature​
  • Monitor RPM​
  • Kilo watts generated per liter​
  • Plan an effective maintenance schedule

How to reduce maintenance cost

  • Monitor engine run hours
  • Track battery voltages
  • Temperature trends pattern
  • Generate instant alerts and alarms
  • Solve alerts in warning phase and avoid sudden shut-down conditions

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