The most optimized way to monitor facility

  • Fulfills service contracts with high efficiency and in least cost
  • Occupancy and energy monitoring enables continuous facility utilization gains
  • Regulates environments and assets to specific requirements 
  • Predicts future occupancy levels and energy consumption demands of a building or space


Why Smart Facility Monitoring

  • Easy and quick deployment of a solution
  • Our solution works to optimize your workplace utilization in small steps with big gains
  • Our edge computing capabilities will help you to improve resource consumption, even with non-connected devices

Pain areas

  • Identification of areas of potential energy savings and space utilization improvement
  • Complying with ever-stricter regulatory requirements
  • Tracking energy and occupancy data in real-time
  • Monitoring  and/or controlling air quality, microclimate, and energy and space usage



  • Hi-Tech
  • Manufacturing
  • CPG and Retail
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Life Sciences and Healthcare 
  • Banking and Financial Services


  • Absolute energy consumption
  • Demand response
  • Corporate carbon footprint
  • Energy costs per carrier and per KL produced
  • Trigeneration efficiency
  • Electricity used from on-site energy generation


Energy consumption monitoring​

  • Allows trend analysis
  • Tracks electricity consumed against that produced
  • Provides data-driven drill down navigation and tracks all energy values (V, A, PF, kW, VAR, Hz, kWh, etc.).

Space occupancy monitoring​

  • Shows how utilization rates change over time; month to month, day to day, and even hour to hour
  • Understand various teams are using their space or not
  • Identify the underutilized space and increase its usage

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