Making the world a smarter, healthier, and better living place

Every day, a lot of people shift from rural to urban areas which spurs a unique set of challenges for both people (to elevate the quality of life) and government (to run operations efficiently). In the current rapid urbanization era, Smart City solutions offers a range of solutions that improve the quality of citizens’ lifestyle and accelerates economic growth. The comprehensive suite of Smart City solutions ranges from smart building and smart parking management to smart energy management, smart lighting, smart traffic management, and smart farming. The Smart City Solutions help public-and private-sector planners to promote efficient use of resources and sustainability, drive citizen engagement, and address an array of community challenges.


Why Smart City Solutions

Easy implementation

Our smart city solutions are powered by a modern networking infrastructure platform that works with the existing system with minimum disruption.

Comprehensive security

We follow best practices to keep all data secure by following industry standards in compliance with various industry and federal regulations.

Accelerate ROI

Our solutions are equipped with the latest technologies like advanced analytics, deep learning and AI that provide real-time visibility and simplify solution deployments that deliver higher ROI.

Proven scalability

The platform we use supports an increasing number of application features, connected devices, users, and analytics capabilities so that it can meet future needs.


  • Cost-effective and efficient municipal services
  • Improved quality of life
  • Enhanced public transportation
  • Enhanced infrastructure
  • Optimized use of resources
  • Faster responsiveness and improved decision-making
  • Unlock new revenue opportunities with analytics
  • Clean city and a better environment

Smart City Solutions

Smart Building

The solution connects safety equipment, environmental sensors, HVAC, lighting, etc. to enable building supervisors to leverage real-time information from building assets and resources, while making buildings more intelligent and efficient. An AI-powered, real-time dashboard guides users and predicts outcomes through pattern recognition and trends analysis.

Smart Environment

While many cities around the world are chocked with air pollution, our smart environment solution helps local governments to make their cities healthier, more efficient, and more livable. The solution monitors temperature, principal air pollutants, barometric pressure, light, vibration, ambient sound intensity, pedestrian, and vehicle traffic, and provide rich insights and predictive analytics, while suggesting the healthiest and unhealthiest walking times and routes through the city.

Smart Water Treatment

The solution monitors pH balance, water flow (to facilitate optimized water pumping so limiting loss of water by leakage), turbidity, TSS (Total Suspended Solid), BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand), and COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) and keeps an automatic record of the parameters mentioned above. The data gathered from sensors helps to optimize the scheduling of maintenance visits with predictive analytics, cut operational costs, and improve the accuracy of the water system.

Smart Traffic Management

Smart Traffic Management solution involves agile network devices, video surveillance systems, interconnected cars and sensors, IoT cloud platform, and the power of AI to make traffic management smart and more efficient. Using real-time analytics of gathered data and understanding some trends, traffic flow can be managed much better.

Smart Parking

Smart Parking solution helps you digitize parking management and maximize the utilization of parking spaces. The solution aims to help drivers by individually matching them to available parking spots, alleviate traffic congestion, and reduce management costs while improving the visibility, overall use, and efficiency of a facility. AI can consider factors like seasonality and trends to predict parking spot availability.

Smart Energy

Smart Energy is a smart, analytics-driven energy monitoring and management solution that enables administrators to monitor energy consumption by detail, visualize the energy consumption in a hierarchical manner (drill-down), showcase patterns and trends, monitor and improve energy efficiency. Various sensors, controllers, smart metering devices, electrical grid assets, and smart energy monitors can be plugged into a smart energy system and achieve real-time visibility into energy consumption.

Smart Farming

Smart Farming offers smarter ways to raise livestock and cultivate soil with the use of easy-to-install sensors and a huge amount of insightful data they offer. The solution helps farmers to reduce waste and improve productivity while allowing them to monitor the quantity of fertilizer utilized to water usage and the number of journeys the tractor has made. Data collected by sensors is analyzed and used to monitor crop, recognize crop diseases, and perform yield prediction.

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