Track and monitor your assets remotely 

Smart Asset Monitoring solution can help you make the most out of your aging assets and reduce asset lifecycle costs and can also help you monitor your virtual assets such as data from various business systems. The predictive analytics capabilities result in reduced technology costs and improved efficiency of your business processes.


Why Smart Asset Monitoring

  • Remote management of a network of connected grid assets
  • Increased asset efficiency and productivity
  • Edge over competitors
  • Data-driven preventive maintenance
  • Measurable cost reduction

Pain areas

  • Limited control over assets
  • Sudden machine breakdown 
  • Scheduling an effective maintenance plan
  • Lack of sophisticated reporting system
  • Improving asset efficiency and productivity
  • Separate silos of IT and OT
  • Making data-based decision-making



  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Retail Industry
  • Cold Storage
  • Supply chain & Logistics


  • Productivity 
  • Asset Utilization 
  • Unplanned downtime rate 
  • Maintenance Cost


Track and locate assets instantly

  • Locate and manage your asset remotely using sensors in real-time
  • Track health condition through an interactive dashboard
  • Measure machine performance and track missing assets

Maximize asset availability

  • Interactive dashboard that delivers insightful information about machine availability
  • Take timely actions to prevent sudden breakdowns and production loss
  • Receive push notifications and emails alerts on mobile devices

Implement Predictive Analytics

  • Detect machine problems via deviations in the normal pattern
  • Measure KPIs to detect anomaly and predict equipment failure
  • Create a predictive maintenance plan to ensure uninterrupted production

Ticketing systems for issue tracking

  • Identify assets that are out of service and create service tickets
  • Track the status of all tickets from a single view
  • Better interdepartmental communications

Track asset movement and prevent theft 

  • Use geofencing to specify the usage area and stop theft
  • Create rules and trigger theft alerts as soon as the asset crosses its usage area
  • Ensure compliance by tracking asset behavior and fixing faults instantly

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